Why I thought I needed to actually have my iPhone in bed with me last night, I cannot answer. But let’s just assume that it was a normal thing to do and move on…

If you know you have an important email coming, but you also feel the need to sleep, and you don’t want a loud alarm going off each time you get a new email, I’ve got the solution for you!


  • Mattress
  • iPhone
  • Protective Cover for iPhone by Incase (optional)


  1. Turn the sound off on your iPhone so that it will vibrate only when new email arrives.
  2. Place the iPhone on an area of your bed you think you can avoid while sleeping. It may help to have a large bed and not be sleeping with a mate. The protective cover by Incase works well because it’s rubber and won’t slide off the bed easily.
  3. Go to sleep on your mattress.

When you get a new email, the vibration will resound throughout the mattress. This way, you’ll feel the mattress vibrate each time you get a new email during the night (or during a nap). Never miss an important email while sleeping again!