It’s 1:04 a.m. and I’m listening to KEXP’s streaming archive of John Richard’s morning show. Now playing: Where Is My Mind by the Pixies. I love it.

Three Hundred and Six

That’s how many photos I took for the photo project.

At this point I can’t remember what the actual assignment is. There were two options, I believe. One was do shots of Pittsburgh. The other had something to do with your life. Maybe.

I choose to shoot my classmates in their Pittsburgh dwellings. Over the past two days I invaded visited 11 of their homes. Due to time constraints, I missed two.

I’m nearly done with the assignment. So I decided it was time to take a break to allow myself time to determine whether I’m finished.

Have Ideas, Need Plan

Aside from showing up with my camera, I never really had a plan. This meant that I had multiple ideas about what I was doing, and my methods were kind of random. And I’m guessing this will all result in a project that isn’t as strong as it could be.

At first I thought about using multiple photos for each person, so I narrowed down the 306 to 33, or three for each person. However, I wasn’t really happy with all the sets, so I decided to be strict and choose just one.

This decision saved me about four hours, I’m convinced. But I think it was the right decision regardless. Choosing one photo really made me think about why I was choosing the photo.

I think the end result turned out okay. Since it’ technically tomorrow right now, I will have to present my work in a digital format. Right now it’s in InDesign. So I’ll export it was a PDF.

But It Was All Good Fun

In the words of Stan Marsh, “You know, I learned something today.”

Having a clear idea about what you’re doing is a good thing. But sometimes not having a clue and doing something anyway is a lot of fun.

Okay, enough blabbering about poor planning and having fun not sleeping. Let’s see if I’m finished.