Dan Saffer just posted his list of the best interaction design blogs this year. Missing is his own blog and mine (just kidding about mine—but perhaps one day).

Given grad school time constraints, I don’t follow many blogs these days. But here are a few I have found either insightful or troubling over the year:

  • IxDA: Difficult to keep up with, but I try to skim every once in a while. Something usually catches my eye for its dichotic view of interaction design to my own.
  • Engadget: Design wisdom in part relies on knowledge of what else is going on in the world. This site helps me keep up with new technology and products.
  • Core77: Also good for keeping up with what’s new in the world of design. Usually brief, but prolific, which means I can’t keep up.
  • Adaptive Path: Often thought provoking and applaudable for their willingness to share methods and insights.
  • odannyboy: If you’re an interaction designer, it’s good to know what the guy who wrote Designing for Interaction is up to.
  • The Superficial: Has nothing to do with IxD unless you think that everything has something to do with IxD, in which case this site is required reading for gaining empathy for the ludicrous nature of celebrity, media, and the rest of us who are drawn to it. Oh, and it’s funny.

Deserving an honorable mention are two peer blogs. Electric Insomnia, while infrequent, often has good design food for thought. And thinkcarrie.com, also infrequent, provides budding insights into service design.