Friday was the last day of my 10 weeks at Adaptive Path. We had the normal 4 pm tea time, but with more people and more activities. The Wii, which I had heard we had, finally made an appearance. The screen was projected on the conference room wall to make for some great fun.

wii projected

Overall, I had a great time this summer in San Francisco with Adaptive Path. I was surprised—but delighted—to find out they are much more research focused than I imagined, and that they’re not as much of a web company as I thought. Though, they still have a strong foothold in all things web, they’re looking beyond.

While I’m no longer at the office, I still need to complete my essay. Because I was stretched between multiple projects, I didn’t have dedicated time till my last two days. I wrote 1,200 words on Friday, but it’s still a draft and may be too academic in its present form. So I will be working to complete that in the next two weeks.

Also, in two weeks is UX Week, which I will be attending. One of the projects I’ve been working on will be presented at the conference. I will be presenting that along with the rest of the team. I will also help facilitate a couple workshops, including one with Liz Sanders.

At Friday’s party I talked to a recent hire, Leah Buley, about being on the inside of Adaptive Path. We mused that the AP environment and company could not be replicated, or that it would be difficult to do so, because so much of what makes AP what it is are the people that work there.

It’s the people that I will miss.

And perhaps they’ll miss me, too.