me at SF drinks

A small party of Bay Area peeps interested in talking about service design got together this past Friday at Lime in the Castro. The somewhat last-minute event was organized by Aidan Kenny, who was here on business from Kilkenny, Ireland.

The gathering included people from organizations like the American Heart Association, Adaptive Path, Apple, Intuit, Nikon, and, of course, Nokia (me!). The intimate affair gave me a chance to talk to everyone and hear different challenges for service design, from incorporating it more into business development to finding places to practice it. I even got an idea or two for my upcoming service design talk at IxD10.

After coming back from the Service Design Network conference last October, I toyed with the idea of starting up service design drinks here in San Francisco, as it seems to work for the European crowd. I had resolved to kick it off this month, so was happy to find out that Aidan beat me to it. However, since he’s not from these parts, I will try to keep it going. I am looking into some venues and will aim to have a meet-up in February after I get back from IxD10.

Let me know if you’re interested.