As has been the case every week of the design fundamental course, each day we are forced to make leaps due to the time constraint. This has been working out so far, even though it always seems like a stretch when presented with the new task.

Today we launched into drawing 3D objects. We first traced a scan of an object. For me, it was a camera. We then had to draw it freehand. And then, of course, rotate it in our minds and draw it from a new perspective.

There was much focus on cylinders because we did not deal with them yesterday and they?「どィび「re a little tricky. We all looked to Mark for guidance, which he enthusiastically and skillfully provided.

Blocks and Cylinders

We then had to draw an object that we were to have brought in from home. I brought a rubber ducky, which was all curves. So I abandoned that. Mark said we?「どィび「ll tackle organic shapes tomorrow. Naturally.

So I shared a classmates?「どィび「s plastic picture frame, which proved troublesome for its transparency and angles. Mark came to the rescue, once again.

After learning his insights, I was amazed at what I could draw. I know they?「どィび「re just shapes, and not all the good. But I don?「どィび「t get bored trying to make them better. And it seems that with practice I could actually get better. That is something I had not believe before.

When I bought my pencils and markers the other day I also got a small sketch book. I did some practice drawings tonight of my candle holder.

Sketch of Candle Holder

I even used my new warm gray markers. They make me so happy.