I went to a Pittsburgh IxDA meeting tonight. I believe this was the third meeting, so it?「どィび「s really in its infancy. There were only five of us, including two CMU graduate design students (Simon and me).

The meeting was organized by Michele Marut, a human factors specialist at Respironics. There was also David Bishop, Director, Human Sciences Group from MAYA, and Jack Moffett, from inmedius and who is also a CMU design grad alumnus.

We mostly talked about our backgrounds, and Michele talked about some potential future events, like getting Jared Spool to a happy hour in when he comes to CMU for an HCII lectures series event on October 25.

We also talked a little bit about World Usability Day, which is November 14. I had never heard of it.

I don?「どィび「t think the chapter meets regularly. It would be good if they attracted more people. But it?「どィび「s cool that Michele is trying to get the group started.