This week was not as intense as the past couple weeks, which was a nice change. Part of that had to do with us not starting to actually create our change of address forms until Thursday.

Despite only having one day to turn it around, everyone turned in quality work. It was impressive to see all the variations. They all looked professional.

Like I said, I pretty much kept to my thumbnail sketch (which Bob collected—ugh!). I went with a simplified approach that separated the form process into four steps. I eliminated nearly all the directions and instead aimed to make everything clear through the form itself and instructive headers.

My Form

Bob didn’t say much about mine during the critique. It seems that critiques (or crits) are a crapshoot when it comes whether your piece receives much evaluation. Some of us talked about this after class. We mused about the time and energy that goes into a project with the potential that it won’t really be reviewed, and how that can be a bit of a letdown.

Hard to believe there are only two more weeks to go. Next week we explore photography. And the last week is illustration, I believe.