For my assistanceship this semester, I have been placed on the Emergence team. What is Emergence? It’s a student-run conference put on by the CMU School of Design. Last September was the first one, and it was quite a success.

My specific responsibility is the website. Though I am also the team lead. I am both excited and scared about this responsibility, as putting together a conference is no light matter. With my already time-consuming school schedule, I see any imagined free time disappearing quickly. Or maybe it’s imagined sleep that’s disappearing.

In any case, I am really excited about the opportunity. My goal is for our team to exceed expectations , build off of last year’s work, and help Emergence grow.

Our first task is to determine what the conference will be about. Service design is the prime contender as the major theme. However, we would like to make the conference more diverse, and are considering subthemes.

If you have any ideas for emerging design topics that deserve exploration and debate, I would love to hear them.