For the Color and Communication class I’m taking this semester with Kristin Hughes and Mark Mentzer, we were asked to create a mask out of recycled plastic. The project was inspired by the practice of creating toys from plastic bottles and objects that Kristin saw during a trip to South Africa.

Mask made of recycled plastic

We were then asked to create a poster for Earth Day using the mask, which was a bit odd, especially since we did not know this when creating our masks. Our local Whole Foods agreed to display the photos and collect votes from customers on the best one.

Earth Day Poster for Whole Foods

I used Ten Personal Steps from as the content for my poster. I combined this with photographs of my mask in a composition that I think is interesting, but requires a bit of interpretation from the audience. The poster was designed to be 23″ x 30″, but was reduced significantly to fit in Whole Foods’ window. This makes the text difficult to read.

Poster Hanging in Whole Foods

In addition to the poster, our original plastic masks are hanging in the front window as well. It’s both odd and very cool to see my work where I shop for groceries.

Poster Hanging in Whole Foods

The poster that gets the most votes will be reprinted in mass by Whole Foods. I’m not sure what the distribution will be. But I do not foresee mine winning anyway. Still, you never know.