The impending end to my days at Carnegie Mellon and the need to find myself a job have left me with little time to develop my recent thoughts into writing. This past week has been particularly exhausting, as I found myself first traveling to New York and then just three days later heading to Palo Alto.

Both trips were good. Though the two organizations and types of work are very different. One largely works on web and mobile applications, while the other plays a more strategic design role, acting as a design SWAT team and design advocates within a largely engineering company. That such different organizations are interesting in me and that I am interested in them perhaps speaks to what I consider to be one of my strengths as a designer: having a design approach to discovering and solving problems that transcends subject matter, allowing me to move fluidly between very different types of projects.

Needless to say, the job search is very time consuming and exhausting, exciting and scary. It is an endeavor full of much ambiguity, but also much promise. Like any good story, there have been successes and failures, and an unpredictable twist. When it is all through, I will share it. For now, I will remain somewhat ambiguous, as my thoughts on the job hunt are fleeting and the field changes by the day.