This project required me to visualize information space for the book Else/Where Mapping. It was to be either interactive or a time-based video. I chose the latter, because it is where I had the least experience.

In combination with sketches, I prototyped ideas in Flash and experimented with animation early.

I used the mapped structure of the book as my theme, and overlaid information on top of photos of each page of the book.

The resulting two-and-a-half minute video is a journey through the each page of the book set to driving music.

A still from the video.

[kml_flashembed movie=”/portfolio/elsewhere/elsewhere-mapping.swf” height=”313″ width=”400″ base=”/portfolio/elsewhere/” fversion=”9″ play=”false” fvars=” play = false ” /] The final video. (Size and quality reduced for Web.)

I sketched early thoughts on animation combined with notes from the content of the book for inspiration.

Another sketch shows early layout and transition ideas.

To get a sense of what areas of the book I would focus on in each of the four section of the book, I created a story board.