It’s day two of SXSW, and it seems like a week has gone by since I arrived in Austin. Apparently, I missed out on blogging about day one. While I have been taking notes, I haven’t been able to find the time write about the panels, even though others have.

I plan to write about the panels and thoughts I have about them later, but I just wanted to let people know that I’m alive and surviving (which may have been a concern for some).

Yesterday, after the first panel, I ran into Dan Saffer of Adaptive Path, who I had emailed about the interaction design program at CMU (I got in, btw). Dan’s a good guy, which I had already assumed. He introduced me to some other veteran conference goers and other Adaptive Path coworkers, and I had lunch with him and some others.

After yesterday’s panels I met up with other folks here that work at other universities, which was organized by Clip Diffendaffer of the University of Denver. I met him and others and hung with them for a while. I will comment on what I learned from them later.

Late in the night I ran into Jason Santa Maria and introduced myself, since I had emailed him previously. He was a panelist for Traditional Design and New Technology, which I attended. I told him I thought he could have spoken more during the panel, because he seemed to be cutting his answers short, and I felt he could have had more to say. He said I was the first person to tell him that, but was very receptive to the feedback, which was cool.

I wrote this during Us and Them: A Blog Conversation Survival Guide, which wasn’t so good, so I stopped paying attention, and instead wrote this post.