Note: These are my notes from this panel, and are not edited very well.

Jason Kottke,
Heather Armstrong Author, Blurbodoocery,

Jason: I don?「どィび「t like advertising. Didn?「どィび「t want that on his site.

Heather: I didn?「どィび「t want to do a subscription model. Didn?「どィび「t want my readers to make unreasonable demands.

Jason: I had 1500 bosses. Micropatrons. Most people gave around $30. Kind of like a magazine subscription. Began thinking of them as shareholders. It became a roadblock, and the relationship with the web site changed. Became more like a job. It couldn?「どィび「t just be whatever he wanted.

Heather: bad first response to Google ads. I really wanted to have complete control.

Jason: Going professional took himself out of the website. Has become less about him, more about what he?「どィび「s interested in.

Has the personal aspect affected traffic?

Jason: personal sites develop a personality that drives traffic.

Heather: Advertising has given her more time to be more personal. Hasn?「どィび「t changed the content of her site.

How do you separate Heather the person and Dooce the site:

Heather: keeps it separate in her mind. People don?「どィび「t really know me. But that doesn?「どィび「t affect the relationship people have with the web site.

What is your day like?

Jason: Office, you can bounce ideas off each other. Married to newsreader and browser.
Might explore putting ads on the site. Not going to use subscription model. Didn?「どィび「t work for me, wasn?「どィび「t right for me. People supported me because they were paying for previous effort.

Heather: Jason, you?「どィび「re good for links. We wanted to see you succeed. What is your standard for success? She thought he was successful.

Jason: Hard on himself. Wanted to do something different. I had big plans or ideas, but I never did that.

Thinks posting more every day has an impact on growing traffic. Absolutely. I?「どィび「ve learned that the remainder links are good for keeping people you already have. There?「どィび「s something new there every few hours. It?「どィび「s like crack. The longer posts are good for getting people in the door.

Heather: People don?「どィび「t come to my site for the updates. I think people come to my site for a story. Must be able to live the content. Must have time to develop the story.

Jason: Traffic elicits a certain amount of responsibility. Doesn?「どィび「t want a community to develop around his site. Interested in people having focused conversations. High level.

Heather: still working through the definition of what she?「どィび「s doing.

What do you think about getting paid to blog?

Heather: naysayers are jealous. Made a comparison to a columnists in a daily paper, except she?「どィび「s got her own publishing system.

Jason: people will buy tangible items in a way that they won?「どィび「t buy content on a web site.