I’ve heard the arguments. It’s my responsibility. People have died for me to have the right to vote. It’s a privilege. Et cetera.

That’s cool, and I hear you. And I agree.

However, like other aspects of my life, if a system or process isn’t working properly, I choose not to support it, because by supporting a flawed process, one merely supports its continuation.

My decision not to vote is a protest of a system. I believe in democracy (though I recognize there really is no such thing), but I do feel like my vote does not matter. Sure, my vote could help someone get elected. But if I am not happy with any candidate, it does not matter which is elected.

I don’t want to go into a huge diatribe about this, but I do not believe in a two-party system. I feel our choices are severely limited, especially given that we live in the land of choice. No respectable individuals seem to run for office (why are all the people you would love to be in charge nowhere near politics?). I loathe current campaign practices, and I do not trust any campaign promises. Given this, I do not see why I would vote.

I encourage you to think about why there are only two major parties, why your best friend is never a politician, why political ads make you feel dirty, and why they don’t serve beer at the polls.