When I bottled my first beers using the equipment and directions from the Brooklyn Brew Kit, I didn’t find the siphoning all that easy. For the bottling of the chocolate maple porter, I got some new tools: an auto siphon and an auto stopper (I’m making up the name of the second item, as I actually don’t know what it’s called). What you see above is the auto siphon. With a couple pumps, the beer flowed smoothly out the tube out of the fermenter.

On the other end I added a stopper that effectively replaces the clip that comes with the Brooklyn Brew Kit. When you press the mechanism down, beer flows. When it’s not depressed, as you see in the photo above, the beer stops flowing but the tube stays full.

Push it down within the next bottle, and magic! It flows again. I highly recommend this.

As recommended in the Brooklyn Beer Making Book, I picked up a small spray pump at Daiso for spot sanitation.

I sprayed each bottle top with sanitizer (Star San) before capping.

Capping beer bottles is very invigorating!

With this batch, I was able to fill nine bottles (not all shown here).

If you’re interested, this shows the amount of trub.

And this is a photo of the trub looking down into the fermenter. Yum!