The Web Standards Project (WaSP) recently announced the formation of the WaSP / Microsoft Corporation Task Force “to provide support as the company increases Web standards support in its products.”

That’s great news for we developers who are befuddled by Internet Explorer’s implementation of standards. Though, according to Molly, we need to be patient. She’s part of the WaSP team and has already met with Microsoft personnel a couple times. Of the Microsoft side, she says, “it?ج?s certainly clear to me that these are colleagues who not only get the importance of standards compliance, but want it badly, too.”

So cool. I was wondering if Microsoft was paying attention to the Web standards movement, and how their products are getting a bad name due to poor compliance.

However, I would not mind if IE lost more market share. I’m tired of large corporations developing Web applications that only work in one browser. Perhaps if browser market share was more evenly distributed, companies would not be able to do this. That would benefit everyone.

Nonetheless, this is good news. Waiting patiently…

Addition In an earlier Molly post, which I just read (I’m reading backwards, as time permits):

If anyone expects any Microsoft version of IE7 to solve the world?ج?s problems, much less those of us working the web, get over it. Any changes to browsers will be incremental and WaSP can?ج?t fix that for now. For now.

That means Microsoft will have plenty of time to lose more market share before fixing its compliance issues!