I’ve spent most of this week coding a Flash application for the portfolio section of a to-be-created University of Pittsburgh Office of Public Affairs site. And while it seems I have the capacity to write ActionScript (2.0/OOP), it’s not something I do all the time (so I’m rusty) or would want to do all the time.

Looking at code all day and calculating logical scenarios really turns off the communication skills part of your brain. I understand why programmers are stereotypically characterized as bad communicators, or perhaps why poor communicators are drawn to programming.

Still, I do enjoy a working application. And there’s a sense of achievement when it’s all complete, especially if it’s really cool and no one else at the office has any idea how it works.

I turned an earlier prototype in my personal portfolio (selected works). But we decided on a different approach with much more functionality, so I only managed to salvage a bit from that and start anew.

I’ll have to post it when I finish, which I hope will be early next week.