After two days in Geneva, New York, I hit the road and drove down to northern Virginia to visit my friends Chris and Joanne. Three hundred and fifty-two miles. I left late in the day on Friday, and was kind of sleepy. So during the drive I had a coffee, Red Bull, and Starbucks Doubleshot.

I was pretty wired when I arrived, and immediately did a shot of whiskey with Chris and then had a beer. For some strange reason, Chris suggested we follow that with Ouzo.

I met Chris during my freshmen year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before I transferred to the University of Pittsburgh. That makes him one of my oldest friends, quite an accomplishment for me, because I tend to move around and lose touch with people.

He has a well-stocked liquor cabinet, which I appreciate.

We played tennis, which I haven?「どィび「t done for years, and went out to eat in Ballston. My goodness have they been building in Ballston. I almost didn?「どィび「t recognize the place. Then we went out to some bar and got $10 martinis. Got to love DC area prices.

Today we went for a 16-mile bike ride. I really want a mountain bike.

Chris rides through stream

Reconnecting with Former Teammates

I got to play pickup soccer with Paul in Geneva, which was cool and fun because we haven?「どィび「t played together since I left northern Virginia in 2003. He played on the team I managed in the Northern Virginia Soccer League, and took over management after I left. Our last season together, we won the premier division of the NVSL.

Yesterday I played with my former over-30 team, which I joined when I was 26 and left when I was 29, when I moved up to Pittsburgh. So this was the first time I played with them and was also legitimately over 30. I scored one goal and had a couple assists, and we won. So that was good.

It was also great to be so welcomed by a group of people and have them want to hang out with me and buy me beers. This is truly the way to win me over.

Speaking of Alcohol

Pennsylvania has retarded alcohol laws. I may have to write some letters, or start a campaign.

I love that in Virginia I can buy beer and wine in a grocery store. It makes much more sense to partner alcohol with food rather than make you feel like there?「どィび「s something wrong with you because you have to go to a special store to get some wine.

Further, six packs are more prominent than cases. I don?「どィび「t know what kind of logic Pennsylvania legislators used to make it easier and cheaper for you to buy a case of beer than it is to buy a six pack. Apparently, they want people to drink more.

Because beer and wine are cheaper down here, I stocked up.