So I was in my hotel room feeling a bit peckish. Not wanting to venture out, I found a vending machine. I realized everything in the machines was likely unhealthy. But I hoped a Snickers bar wouldn’t be so bad.

Money went in. Fingers pressed buttons. The spiral candy holder twirled, and the bar fell to the bin below where I retrieved my treat. Then I read the ingredients.

Partially hydrogenated oil! Damn you Snickers! Damn you!

Partially hydrogenated oils piss me off, mostly because they’re known to be bad for you—as in, they will eventually cause you to die—and they’re not necessary.

I know, I’ve said this before. But I wanted to reiterate and urge you to do what I do when I encounter products with hydrogenated oils. Write to the company, just like I wrote to Snickers:

“I have decided that I will never buy your product again until you remove partially hydrogenated oil from your ingredients. If Oreos can do it, so can you.”