Molly asked her readers what their biggest mistake was. One reader replied:

I think the biggest mistake that I?ǨѢve made was letting my professional life take over my personal life to the point where I was always working, and never spending enough time with friends and family. I was so bad that after working at my day job for 9 hours, I would come home and start working on side projects until I went to sleep, to wake up the next day and start it all over again.

As I sometimes fall into this pattern, it stuck out. While I have been spending a lot of time working lately, I plan for it to be temporary. Once I finish up the projects I’m working on, and I’m no longer working full time at my day job (June 30), I hope to relax a bit.

One thing I learned from the bubble burst is that despite seeming really important, often what you do as work really doesn’t matter. Work is not living. Drinking beer and hanging with friends always beats work, which is why I enjoy both pursuits as often as possible.

As for my biggest mistake, I don’t regret much. Maybe the polyurethane pants. Though they made for a good laugh on occasion.