I just went to Macromedia’s site to look up some Contribute support info. And that’s when I noticed that the site is now branded as Adobe. Replacing Macromedia’s typical quirky Flash animation on the home page, there is now a little movie that explains that the two companies are now one. They’re using the same Flash on their home page.

The Flash is cheeseball. But whatever. Aside from the first image of a guy lying on his side with a huge telephoto lense snapping a photo (we love PhotoShop!), the other images seem to speak to big business.

The site has also gone from a cool electric blue to a drab gray. I assume this is supposed to match their existing site. But it depresses me.

The messages also sound targeted toward big businesses:

  • Awakening Creativity
  • Engaging mobile
  • Connecting People
  • Empowering enterprise
  • Revolutionizing how the world engages with ideas and information.

Blech. This feels so corporate.

I felt like Macromedia was always about the people who used their products. They always seemed excited to see what people would create. The simple change in the Flash, the images, the text, and the colors of the Macromedia site tells me Adobe is not very interested in those goals. I don’t feel like they’re talking to me.

Don’t screw up my products, Adobe.