Jamin Hegeman (@jamin) is VP of Design for Financial Services at Capital One, where he leads design teams across multiple business units to support end-to-end service experiences and transform business operations to be more design centric. He is also principal of the Service Design Network management team.

Through design, Jamin shapes human experiences and transforms services, organizations, and communities. He is a designer, poet, soccer player, and home brewer. He supports and mentors designers to develop their craft, while helping businesses articulate service strategy and define experiences that benefit customers, employees, and the business.

As a principal of Service Design Network, he has helped the Service Design Network grow and influence thousands of designers and business leaders around the world. He also created Adaptive Path’s Service Experience Conference. His work and ideas have appeared in the book, This Is Service Design Thinking and This Is Service Design Doing. He shares his knowledge and experience through speaking, writing, and teaching.

Jamin holds a master’s degree in design from Carnegie Mellon University, and bachelor of art’s degree in poetry writing from the University of Pittsburgh.