Design. Poetry. Soccer. Cake. Beer.

By day, and often by night, I am a designer of the interaction and service sort. This means I research and analyze human behavior, products, and systems to identify opportunities to improve them or create something entirely new. I am currently a design director at Adaptive Path, which is a design consulting firm in San Francisco. My primary goal is to enable organizations to deliver more human service experiences. I have designed solutions in health care, education, finance, media, commerce, and social interaction for large international organizations and startups.

I work to advance the practice of service design through my support of the Service Design Network and organization of Service Design Drinks and Thinks in San Francisco. I enjoy teaching and facilitating workshops. I taught interaction design at Carnegie Mellon University, and am an active speaker and workshop leader.

Previously, I was a senior designer at Nokia, a master of design student at Carnegie Mellon University, a web consulting business owner, an editor, and a journalist. I also fried burgers at McDonalds, sold cigarettes at 7-11, and tidied up the giftware section at Marshalls.

When I’m not designing, I like to read and write poetry, draw, play soccer, eat cake, and drink and make beer.