Right now I have about 15 browser windows open in both Firefox and Safari. What the hell am I looking at? And why am I not closing any of these windows? There is just too much content on this Internet thing. I’m devouring it as fast as I can, but every site yields another link to another site that lures me to another link.

I just finished reading an article about CSS shorthand, stuff I mostly know already. I’m also looking at random photo blogs, some online magazine called CBC Radio 3, which I found while reading an article on Design Interact. And then there’s an interactive Flash presentation of Robert O. Muller’s collection of Japanese prints. I could go on, but for your sake and mine, I won’t.

I’m chalking all this up to research, since I’m doing this all while at work. Through some sort of saturation, the devices and techniques and formulas I encounter will help in my work: my sense of content architecture, site usability, Flash integration. The real reason I’m writing this post is to distance myself from this onslaught of sites and information. My brain feels crammed full while my eyes are telling me there’s more. This makes me feel like I don’t know enough, and must cram more in. Because if the content exists, someone knows about it, and therefore someone knows more than me. And as I aspire to be some sort of know-it-all guru (I don’t know why), I am a man possessed—and a clichéd one at that.

Open site. Look. Close. Open. Look. Read. Link. Look. Link. Link. New window. New browser. View source. Copy CSS file name. View file. New window. Read. Look. Photos. Next. Next. Next. Next. Copy. Save. New window. Link. Flash. Interact. Close. Close. Close x 13.

Why did I have this open?