A lot of people I know (or maybe everyone I know) complains about not having enough time for whatever it is people think they need time to do. I sometimes fall into this category, and even wrote a post about how I use the hour of 11 p.m. and midnight for personal web projects, because that’s the only time I have. Now the joke is that any new endeavor will be slotted in from midnight to 1 a.m. Or if that fails, 1 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Lately, I’ve been very busy working on client projects. Two nights ago I got a request at 10 p.m. to send a broadcast email message for a client that I had not yet enabled the functionality to do so. And the email was about an event occurring two days later. So I found time by sacrificing sleep. (Maybe I should just not check my email so late?)

My point is that I found the time. Just like I found the time to redesign Yum Yum Web last Friday night. It’s hard to find time. But it’s possible, if you sacrifice something else.

For instance, right now I could be watching TV, reading a book, or having a beer. Instead, I’m writing this post, which was inspired by another post I read about having blogger’s block.

Since I have a writing background, and sometimes fancy myself a writer, I know blogger’s block is really writer’s block. I know what that feels like. Blank page. Blank mind. Both. Argh.

But to use a phrase I seem to be using a lot recently (outside of blogland), you have to push through. Not having the time is an excuse. If you want to write, write. Same goes for blogging.

Sometimes you won’t have time to blog. Sometimes you won’t have ideas. But if it’s important, you make time, and you start writing, and hope for the best. Sometimes your blog post will suck (this one might—what am I talking about? finding time?).

What I found funny about the blogger’s block post was that it was so long. Paragraphs. And that took time, even if the poster thought she had none.

Tonight, I felt I neither had time nor an idea to blog. Thank you blogger’s block poster.