The end of the semester sucked up all my time. And while that was going on, my comments got corrupted. When I tried fixing that late one night (or early one morning, depending on your perspective), I only succeeded in breaking the site more so that I could not access the admin section. Hence, no posts.

The good news is, it’s fixed! The bad news is, I lost a couple months of comments because I don’t back up too often.

I’ve got a million things I could write about, like CHI, Motorola, Info Vis, my seminar 2 paper, the end of the semester and my first year in general, going to San Francisco on Sunday, but I am still busy.

Did I mention I’m going to San Francisco on Sunday?

The short news is after flying into San Fran, I’m meeting up with my brother in Yosemite and then hanging out with him for the week before I start at Adaptive Path. I still don’t have a place to live, as not being there has really hurt my prospects. But I’ll figure something out, right?

At any rate, I’m still alive, done with school, and moving on to another adventure. Stay tuned.