I flew back from Baltimore today after day long days with a client. On the plane I read half of Everyware by Adam Greenfield, which I’m finding quite intriguing.

I found myself highlighting lots of text and using post-its jot to down ideas and bookmark pages for potential blog topics.

Also, I kept putting ubiquitous computing in context with an essay I’m writing for Adaptive Path (originally I said it would be about emotion, but I changed it). I’m not going to say what my current topic is because I’m not sure. But I do have 600 words!

For the next few days I’m living in the apartment of one of my coworkers. She and her boyfriend are fortunately house sitting. So I’m kind of house sitting their place, since my lease ended on July 31.

I’ve got two more days at Adaptive Path. Then I’m heading by train and bus to Yosemite, where my sister-in-law will pick me up and take me to Mammoth Lakes to stay with her and my brother, Matt, for a week. Matt’s working this weekend (rock climbing guide), which is why he can’t pick me up.

He and I may do an extended outdoors trip. I told him to plan something.

Then, on August 11, I fly back to Pittsburgh from Reno. On August 12, I’m driving to DC for UX Week, where I’ll hook up with the AP folks again.

I should be back in the burgh for good on August 17 (unless I head to Charlottesville, Virginia, where my youngest brother Jeff will have just moved).