Today I updated the site to WordPress 1.5 from 1.22. This update was released on February 17, so I’m a bit behind the ubergeek world.

It was a relatively painless process to upgrade, but mostly because I understand my way around my server and PHP, as you need to delete files but keep one file and then change some others and move some stuff to get it to work properly. Like I said, for me it was relatively painless.

To be fair, they provide good directions for upgrading. So if you can follow directions, it should be easy for you, too. Not sure how hard installing from scratch is, since I didn’t do that.

The biggest change I see so far is the addition of a capability for themes that you can easily activate and deactivate. I was able to quickly convert my current design into a theme. They provide good theme development instructions as well.

It got me thinking that I should create a couple theme options either as free downloads or for my clients. This, however, sounds like it would take time I’m not sure I have at the moment. But it sounds like a way to blow off other things I should do as a means of procrastination. And that’s always fun.

Another interesting update is the ability to create pages that are not related to the blog, but have the same theme. And it sounds like you can assign different themes based on categories. This almost seems like it could work as a content management system. I’ll have to play around with it. Might be useful for small clients.