I had lunch with someone today who said she’d been encouraged to create a blog, but did not see the point. I found myself developing counter arguments. And now I’m thinking, what is the point?

At South by Southwest, there were several panels that dealt with blogs and blogging. There seemed to be a notion that blogs are good, and that they can accidentally turn into businesses.

But must you have one too?

I think the answer is no. But from the success of a select few, many people believe blogs are a necessity. We see the success and try to emulate it. However, listening to those who’s blogs have become successful, and who have launched businesses from them, none of these people actually had the idea that their blog would ultimately make them money.

It’s like people who play the lottery, because all they see is the select few that win, instead of the millions of losers.

So why do people blog? Heck! Why do I blog? For many successful bloggers, it seems all they wanted to do was share information and find a community of like-minded people. Personally, I blog to share my experiences, to take a break from coding, and to reconnect with my writing past.

But blogging does take time, and I imagine that there are many people who start blogging and give up after it becomes work and they see they don’t have readers. That’s why it’s important to be passionate about whatever it is your writing about.

For the accidental entreprenuers who found businesses through blogging, that’s what got them started and kept them writing, and very likely attracted readers. When you’re passionate about something, it’s not work.

So I’m not really sure if I’m answering my question well (a bit tired, I am). But I think my point is blog’s have a point. They have meaning for those that write them, and those that read them. They are a way to form a community around your interests, or a way to become part of a community.

There’s a ton more I could say, but instead of carrying on with my idiocy, I’ll open it up to the millions who undoubtedly made it this far in the post and ask: Why do you or don’t you blog?