Tomorrow I’m heading to Mammoth Lakes, California, to visit my brother Matt and his wife Ericka. Although Matt moved to California six years ago, this is the first time I am visiting. It’s also the first time I’m visiting California.

One reason it has taken me so long is Mammoth is in the middle of nowhere. The closest city is Reno, which is nearly three hours away. That’s where I flying to tomorrow. So after two flights and eight hours, it’s just another three hours in the car. Yippee!

On the bright side, Reno has a Patagonia outlet, and Mammoth Lakes is a ski resort town and the home of Mammoth Mountain, where I will be doing much snowboarding.

My bro doesn’t have Internet, so I’m hoping a neighbor does…with an open wireless connection. Not sure I’ll do much blogging. We’ll see. I got a new camera (Nikon D40) so I plan to take lots of pictures.

I’ll be back right before school begins, which is January 15.