It’s amazing how each week we go from nothing to a full-blown production. On Monday it seems implausible that we will actually accomplish the task given to us.

This week I went from arranging magazine cutouts on an 8×11 piece of paper, to arranging an 11-page document on a 30×72 poster. Last week I could not believe I completed my candle holder project, and this week I’m equally in disbelief.

Despite dreaming last night about moving content around the page, it has been a very positive journey. Even when I fail, or when someone else does, there is something to learn. And I’m learning a lot.

Today we analyzed the mockups we created yesterday. I got some great feedback on how to improve my piece. And as I said, I learned a lot from what others did.

I worked on my final piece most of the afternoon, and looked to my peers in the studio with me for feedback on my iterations. Their input was invaluable in making my piece better. I do not think it would have turned out as well if I was doing it on my own.

(I’m using the word “feedback” a lot. The group interaction is something that you can only get by being immersed in the course. Sorry online learners!)

Some requirements for the poster included using only the Meta font family, it had to be all type, and it had to be black and white, or percentages of black (i.e., grays were okay).

Ta Da!


I am really happy with my poster, considering my struggles and relative cluelessness. I’m not sure it takes a lot of risks, but it seems to mostly work. We’ll see what Stacie thinks tomorrow.