These are my notes from this panel, and are not edited very well.

Getting the Job Done Right

  • Steven Champeon, CTO, Inc
  • Matt May, Dir of Technology, Blue Flavor
  • Drew McLellan, Web Application Developer
  • Dori Smith, Writer
  • Jennifer Taylor, Macromedia
  • Chris Wilson, Group Program Mgr, Microsoft
  • Kimberly Blessing, KimmieCorp
  • Molly Holzschlag, President, Inc

Accessibility isn?「どィび「t concrete. It?「どィび「s not something you can buy. There are a lot of variables and a lot of views. Want to work toward building a better model.

More people do not like to read the W3C specifications.

Acid2: using it is not an accurate thing to do. But it is an interesting measure. Testing tool for specifications.

Javascript: talked about the belittling of javascript. Time to start treating it as a real language. The right way to do javascript: DOM scripting. We?「どィび「ve gotten to the point where it works pretty much.

If doing blog posts. Let us know and we?「どィび「ll point to it. Want to disseminate information and best practice. All combine under unobtrusive scripting.

Believe in separating behavior from the content. Pull it out of HTML and put it in an external file.

We can?「どィび「t save users from themselves. So focus is on educating users.

Education task force: huge task, as anyone in higher education can attest to. Two primary objectives: advocate teaching standards; promote the creation of standards within academic sites.

Students being told they need to build a table-based site for projects, and failing because they are building with web standards. 70 members on the list. Unveiled a new IRC channel.

High Ed Web. High Ed Web Dev ?「どィて Rochester October.

Looking for ways to support students and instructors that are interested in changing their programs.

Microsoft Task Force.

Goal for IE7 to make web developers?「どィび「 lives better. Though believes there is a lot more work ahead.