?Ǩ?We are the stuff makers. That is our role as designers,?Ǩ says John Zimmerman.

Today we began our next interaction and visual interface design assignment: digital music player. My new group, consisting of fellow graduate student Sook and an industrial design undergraduate, will be creating a new player for commuters.

We read Don Norman?ǨѢs Emotion and Design: Attractive Things Work Better, because for this project we are going to attempt to design a product not just that people need, but that people want.

A main point in today?ǨѢs discussion was that people define themselves through the products they choose. Thus people are attached to the products they use because the products give them a sense of being. The relationship with a product is a relationship with the self.

For this project, our goal is to answer the following question: how can what I am making become a part of someone?ǨѢs life? We will aim to create a product that allows users to become the person they want to be.