On Sunday, I played in the Pittsburgh amateur over-30 soccer finals. My team, Internationals Toons, cruised through the previous three rounds, but the final match pitted us against a strong opponent: Century United.

At half time, the score was tied 1-1. We scored a second goal off a free kick about midway through the second half. Our opponents then put us under pressure and we finally cracked in the last minute of regular time, conceding a goal. This sent us into overtime, consisted of two 10-minute periods with the golden goal rule in effect, meaning the team to score first won.

About two minutes into the first period, my teammate sent a high cross into the penalty area that I had no business jumping up for, being not very tall. I jumped up anyway and collided with the defender, whose clearance went to the foot of another teammate.

The ball hit off his foot and back to me. So there I stood, at the penalty spot with the ball, but with my back turned to the goal. I saw my teammate continue his run, and deftly knocked the ball just out of reach from the defender, and then with my second touch laid the ball into the path of my teammate, who scooped it up, shot, and scored.

Game over.