It’s spring break and I haven’t been on my computer much as I’m in Mammoth Lakes, California, visiting my brother, Matt. I’ve been snowboarding, bouldering, rock climbing, and also just hanging out and doing nothing, and sleeping!

My brother has been totally impressing me with his climbing skills. When I arrived last weekend, he was working as an ice climbing guide. And this week we’ve gone to the Owens River gorge in Bishop a couple times for some rope climbing, where I have received private lessons.


Apparently climbers like to name their climbs with bizarre names. Matt finally conquered Sex yesterday. Here are the climbs I’ve done:

  • Stella
  • For Patricia
  • It’s a Gaaazzzz
  • Crotalulsley Challenged
  • Silence of the Poodles
  • P.D. Time

Silence of the Poodles was my first crack climb and removed a lot of the skin on my hands. Evidence of effort and accomplishment.

I’m heading back to the ‘Burgh on Sunday night. Madness continues on Monday.