Okay, so it?「どィび「s day three of design school, and I?「どィび「m writing about it yet again. Today I felt even more excited about the path that I’ve taken. I?「どィび「m learning stuff and it’s fun. I doubt I will keep up my blogging about the coursework, but I don’t think I really want to, because as I said before, it’s been done.

We?「どィび「re working on a piece of content that?「どィび「s referred to as Richard L. Gregory. The content announces some lectures being given by the aforementioned individual. And apparently, this piece of content has been used within the School of Design for years, or longer.

I took away some great insights today, but I?「どィび「m not going to get into all of them. But I will say that I really dig the difference between logic and visualogic: what might make sense logically may not make sense visually. I?「どィび「m a pretty logical person, so I see that as a challenge.

I also learned more about InDesign today. Being that I have a strong software background, it has not been too difficult to pick up. My major complaint is it seems rather cumbersome when it comes to styling large bodies of content. Perhaps it?「どィび「s my inexperience, but I did ask the instructor about it and she agreed that it?「どィび「s a bit tedious. Maybe I just want it to act more like CSS.