So I mentioned before that the Flash file for the random creatures on was corrupt. And since I could not get it working, I decided to rebuild.

I took down what was there and created some new random creatures. I sketched a wireframe of the creatures and content before I started building. But so far I’ve mostly worked on the creatures. And since I’m don’t have a lot of free time, I tend to work on the site between 11 p.m. and midnight, which doesn’t produce much.

I’m still undecided whether the creatures should behave as they did previously: turning them all the same color revealed the navigation. This was annoying to some; but I purposely made it annoying. So well done me.

I like the idea of having some challenge to engage visitors. But I haven’t worked out what that might be. I’ll think of something.

I thought about having thought bubbles pop up when you roll over a creature. But that really limits how content is displayed. I tried it out for a day and didn’t like it. So I removed it. That’s the beauty of the web.

I’ll continue to document my thoughts and progress here. And feel free to throw out suggestions.