Earlier today I had a conversation about the value of providing a good experience and the roles of writers and designers have in shaping experience. And I told my interlocutor of my struggle to absorb all the information there is to absorb, all the technology and practices, and my desire to find focus.

Then I read an article on A List Apart that reminded me of the value in keeping things simple and focusing on the people your products serve. As they say in the Guinness commercials, “Brilliant!”

Put the people first, then devise simple solutions—the experience is what matters.

Of course, it’s not a new idea. But it’s brilliant in that the message is simple.

I have been messing around with AJAX recently, and this has the potential to become a time suck that keeps me away from more pressing issues as I learn this new technology methodology. Fortunately, the following quote from the aforementioned article set me straight.

I worry that we spend way too much time learning tools and technologies and not enough trying to develop empathy and understanding for the people who benefit most from our work.

It’s not the people who have the most complex products that achieve the greatest success. It’s the people whose products are simple and useful. And that’s achieved by knowing what your audience wants.


No AJAX for me! (for now)