No, not that Geneva.

Geneva, New York, nestled alongside Seneca Lake, which is one of the finger lakes.

I’m going to visit my friends Paul and Shannon for a couple days. Then on Friday I’m heading down to DC to visit my friends Chris and Joanne and others, and even play a soccer game with my former over-30 team.

I will also try to hook up with Matt Curry and buy one of his paintings (with imaginary money).

No Tent, Not a Problem

My plan requires no tent. So forget I even mentioned the tent dilemma.

New Client

I met with a new client this morning to discuss some work building templates for a front-end system. They want the templates by Friday. I agreed to do the work because I’m foolish poor ambitious.

It’s not that exciting, but it’s money. And I made sure to say I can’t do any work after this week, because I do not have the time to get invested with another client. Well, unless it’s a really, really cool and awesome client.

Do you see the conflict here?

At first, I thought my travels and the job were not going to play nicely (and perhaps that will turn out to be true). But I reasoned that I had the rest of today, and tomorrow morning. I also have all day Thursday while my friends are at work/school. And I can probably squeeze in some hours on Friday morning.

Should make for a relaxing week.