Yesterday at UX Week the R&D project I’ve been working on all summer for Adaptive Path was unveiled during a panel discussion called Wear It During Sex. The project was inspired by an open letter to Steve Jobs by Amy Tenderich, a diabetic. Adaptive Path answered the call and developed a diabetes management system, called the Charmr.

me talking about the project
Jesse James Garrett, Dan Saffer, Rachel Hinman, Alexa Andrzejewski, Jamin Hegeman

As you can see, I was on the panel that revealed the work and talked about the process. There’s been a lot of buzz since.

There’s also a detailed account of the process and project on Adaptive Path’s site.

As I’m at UX Week currently, I’m too occupied to write more. But I’ll will follow up later in the week to talk about my involvement.

Overall, I was very excited to be part of the project. And everyone’s really happy with the response we’ve been getting.