That’s right. Last week I bought an iPod so I could play music in my car during a road trip. I had been wanting an iPod for a while, as I purchase a good bit of music from iTunes; and the road trip seemed like the perfect excuse.

Lucky me, my timing could not have been better, for I found myself the proud owner of the newly released iPod with video. It’s rare that I pick up the latest piece of technology. So I’m pretty excited about my new toy.

I haven’t used the video yet, since I don’t really have any videos, and I haven’t decided if paying $1.99 on iTunes for a video is worth it. I know, that sounds odd, considering what I put down for the iPod itself.

For the moment I’m still enthusiastic about the music and pretty much wrapped up in that. But when that wears off I’ll start exploring the other features: video, calendar, games, contacts.

It’s cool. And by association that makes me cool, right? You know, despite all the web geek stuff.