For a long time now, 13 has been my favorite number. Today is Friday the 13th, which I always think of as lucky. And although I didn’t receive this news today, I am lucky that work has agreed to send me to Colin Moock’s ActionScript Boot Camp in Rochester, N.Y., on May 31 and June 1. Should be exciting.

I watched a Breeze presentation he conducted for LA Flash where he talked about the user interaction ideas behind his Web site. Basically, visitors have to cooperate to navigate the site. And the size and weight of the navigation depends on how many visitors use the link. It’s an interesting idea, one the sparked an idea of my own.

Dynamic Information Architecture

What if you have a site that dynamically organizes content so that whatever users think is the most relevant content finds its way to the most prominent position in the architecture. I have made no effort to do such a thing, but I was thinking it would be really cool, at least as an experiment.

What I imagine is a system where there’s an original architecture, but depending on where site traffic flows (based on real time link click throughs, for instance), those areas would dynamically inhabit the top content spots on the home page. The theory here is that over time users would improve the organization of the content to suit their needs. And assuming the audience is relatively similar, the content that users visited most often would be similar across users; and while the content might change from the original architecture at first, over time it would become constant.

I haven’t thought it through completely, but I’m interested in the idea. Though it will probably remain an idea, as I don’t think I have the skills or time to implement it right now. But perhaps I’ll feel differently after Boot Camp.