Mobile Media Life was a collaborative project with Motorola to explore imaging, communicating, visualizing, and viewing in everyday life. The goal was to help people become skilled at enjoying, producing and interacting with rich media at work, school, or play thorough new interfaces and services on mobile devices.

This purpose of this project was to design the concept for a consumer product that Motorola could develop and deliver to market within the next five years. The product is to be designed for people living in the United States and between the ages of 13 and 25. It should give people new opportunities to experience media on mobile devices.

Our Solution: Motoroo

steph-screen jen-screen greg-screen lindsay-screen brian-screen

MotoRoo is a touch-screen mobile phone coupled with a service that allows members to share media. Users can see what media their friends are watching or listening to, and they can also access this media through the phone. This allows friends to share their television, music, internet, and video preferences in an interactive way.

Users are also able to view or listen to media together, and interactive video and text enhance this experience.


  • Carrie Chan
    Interaction Design
  • Melissa Clarkson
    Communication Planning & Information Design
  • Jamin Hegeman
    Interaction Design
  • Carisa Sirak
    Business Administration


Research included in-home interviews.

post its
Diagramming our research findings to discover patterns and opportunities.

Artifact produced during a participatory design session where participants were asked to model the self.

social network 3
Participatory design social networking map.

Sketch from a concept scenario.

Wireframes documenting a particular scenario flow.