Today my group met to discuss our findings from independent interviews regarding our mobile project to help find a coffee shop.

We have the beginnings of a persona. His name is Johannes Zummerman. He is 38 and married, and is a military software consultant. He loves good coffee. He needs it. It?「どィび「s part of his morning ritual, no matter where he is; and he travels often, across the world, to cities and rural environments. Burnt coffee pisses him off. Messing up his order is intolerable. He doesn?「どィび「t ask for directions. He will wander around a city where he thinks he?「どィび「ll find a coffee shop. Or he will drive for miles out of his way seeking a coffee shop. It disrupts his whole day when he can?「どィび「t find coffee in the morning. His wife hates that they have to get up early when on vacation so he can find good coffee. He won?「どィび「t drink the coffee at the hotel. He doesn?「どィび「t drink coffee at home, even though he owns an expensive coffee maker. He makes mental notes when he sees a coffee shop he thinks he might like, or when he goes to one he likes. However, his memory is imperfect, and sometimes he forgets exactly where the coffee shops he likes are. He wishes he had access to recommendations from other people as to which are the best places to get coffee.

I hope we?「どィび「re on the right track. We?「どィび「ll find out on Thursday.