For tomorrow’s class, which begins in six hours, my mobile project team will be presenting our paper prototypes.

Again, if you haven’t been paying attention, we’re creating a mobile application to help people find a coffee shop. Our persona travels often and really likes coffee, but not just any coffee or coffee shop. Our man is concerned with quality.

Based on the feedback we got from the wire frames and flow diagram, we revised our persona and scenario a bit, and made some modification to the wire frames. And then we just let the wire frames inform our prototypes. It actually seemed rather simple.

One of my team members was charged with mocking up the prototypes, and he did a fine job.

paper prototype mockups

When it comes time to turn these guys into Flash that we’ll load onto a mobile phone for the some testing, that’s where I come in.

In the meantime, we’ll probably find out we’re not framing the problem incorrectly. But at least our prototypes look pretty, and that’s what design is all about.