On Friday, representatives from the four Studio 2 teams presented our mobile media life projects to Motorola in Chicago. Carrie Chan and I had the honor of giving our team’s presentation.

The morning started off slow, as there were a lot of problems getting all of our presentations onto one of the Motorola laptops. Motorola used NetMeeting so the presentations could be viewed by a remote group of designers on another floor. I’ll spare you all the frustrating details, but it took about two hours to get everything working, and even then things were not all squared away. For instance, the remote viewers could not see our video portions.

(our team name was Red Kangaroo, which is why we named it the MotoRoo)

During our presentation, the sound would not play for our Flash scenarios. So I had to talk through them. This actually turned out to be a good thing as I could focus more on particular aspects of the interface and explain things that might have sped by too quickly in the actual video sketch.

I’m not sure if it was because Carrie and I both slept before this second take or what, but the presentation seemed to go better this time around. And we received a fair amount of questions afterward, which I took as a sign that people were engaged (though we received a lot of questions the first time around as well).