Glenn Jones was nice enough to let me beta test MapSurface, which is a pretty nifty real-time stats and usability application that sits right on this very page.

Press alt x to launch the widget and check it out for yourself.

While you might find the very low statistics unimpressive, this type of application would be awesome to have installed on a client site while talking about and planning future strategies.

I can picture it now…

Client: “We definitely need to keep the dean’s message prominent on the home page.”

Me: (alt x)

Me: “But that does not receive much traffic. Maybe we should de-emphasize or replace the message with more graduate studies content, which, according to these statistics, is what the users are primarily interested in.”

(awkward silence)

For more intelligent banter about MapSurface, check out Andy Budd’s post.

UPDATE: I removed MapSurface, as I might try it on another site.