For my friend’s birthday, I decided to give him a few of my home brews. But none of my beers had labels. Lucky for me I have a girlfriend who’s got some decent graphic design skills. With only an hour before we had to get out to meet up with the birthday boy for drinks, she researched beer label designs, considered my aesthetic, and gathered content requirements. We decided to incorporate the recipe name, alcohol percentage, brew date, and bottle date. I didn’t have much time to be clever with the brewery name, so I went with my address, 333.

The three beers I gave him were Chocolate Maple PorterA Well-Made Tripel (which he helped brew), and Tea and Toast. We printed on some label paper my girlfriend happened to have about the apartment. I was really impressed with the result. And when we turned them over to our friend later that night, so was he and everyone else.

Here are the three labels up close and personal.