After a bit of a mix-up, I made it to San Francisco this morning.

On Sunday, I went at the airport for my 10 am flight. I entered my flight info at the check-in kiosk only to find out that my flight was not Sunday May 20, but Sunday May 27. It had been booked incorrectly (not by me, but I neglected to see the error previously).

These things happen. What can you do?

So yesterday I spent the day figuring out a new plan, which ended up calling for me to wake at 3:30 am to be ready for my 4 am cab to get me to my 6 am flight. I flew to Washington, DC, then to San Francisco, where I arrived at 11:30 am PST. I then rented a car and left SF around 1 pm for Yosemite National Park.

The original plan was to meet up with my brother and his wife in Yosemite on Sunday and spend the night and day on Monday. Instead, I met up with them around 5:30 today (Monday), had a beer, and took some pictures. A half hour later, we were on our way to back to their home in Mammoth Lakes.

We stopped along the way for some grub (at a Mobil gas station that cooks up jambalaya and lobster taquitos). My brother new the guys who ran the place and we got free beers.

At 9:30 pm PST (12:30 EST) I arrived in Mammoth, a mere 21-hours later.

But by golly I don’t mind driving through Yosemite. Beautiful place. My brother and I will likely go back over the next few days, as it’s only a couple hours away.

So I’m here in California for the next couple months. I’ll return to SF sometime this weekend. And I will start my internship at Adaptive Path next Tuesday.

All in all, can’t really complain. As the t-shirts say, life is good.