I hit the road for Geneva today. It took roughly five and a half hours. But it was such a beautiful day, I didn?「どィび「t mind. I kept the windows down and the radio blaring the whole time, and I had a lot of coffee.

The drive gave me a lot of time to think. Thinking is good, except when it?「どィび「s bad. If you?「どィび「ve ever thought about anything before, you know what I mean. Mostly, the thinking was good.

I had all sorts of ideas of things I should write about. Mostly, I can?「どィび「t recall them now. But I do remember thinking I should start playing guitar again and singing. Perhaps it was the loud music, or the safety of the car on the highway, but I do enjoy singing.

When I arrived, Paul immediately offered a beer, which was much needed after all the coffee. After the first, there was a second and third. Beer is good.

Free Wireless

So it turns out Geneva, New York, has implemented a free wireless service. This means Paul and Shannon don?「どィび「t pay for broadband, and I?「どィび「m able to use the city?「どィび「s wireless to post this. Makes me wonder what would happen to cable and DSL if this happened everywhere. It also makes me wonder why I have to pay $50/month for service.